Boston — 2072

Oliver Wendell Holmes once called it “The Hub of the Universe”. While that universe bit might be stretching it, one thing is for sure: It’s the centerpiece of the East Coast, and the lynch pin of the United Canadian and American States (UCAS).

The largest city in the UCAS—according to the 2070 census—it is the financial center of the Union. Home to some of the oldest and most prestigious academic and artistic institutions on the North American continent, it is also a cultural and social powerhouse.

That flowery bullshit aside, its underbelly is home to a deep-seeded corruption that has thrived since the 18th century. Beantown, The Athens of America, The City on the Hill, whatever you want to call it—from the sewers up to the corporate corner office it’s frag or get fragged.

Welcome to The Hub.

Shadowrun: The Hub