Deborah Baxter

Chief Executive Officer and Vice President Baxter Technologies. Wife of Warren Baxter.


What’s good for the Baxters is good for the business, and that invariably goes both ways. Deborah—with her icy demeanor and her unparalleled intellect—does far more than just crunch numbers.

As Vice President she works directly with Warren in both the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as the long-term execution of the company’s 10-year plan.

In her role as Chief Executive Officer she makes sure that every vote that comes before the board is locked up well in advanced. Board members may grumble about her heavy-handed role in the company, but they simply cannot deny her overwhelming success.


Formerly a corporate raider on the West Coast, Deborah found herself out East consulting with Baxter Technologies on a take-over bid with a direct competitor. Partnered with Warren, who had yet to inherit Baxter Technologies, the two masterminded the strategy that brought one of the largest competing R&D firms on the Eastern Seaboard to it’s knees.

The two married within the year.

Five years later, it was Deborah’s incredible business acumen that sealed up Warren’s inheritance of Baxter Technologies within the first four hours of the death of his Uncle. Warren immediately installed her as CEO and VP of the company and she has helmed this ship with him since.

Deborah Baxter

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